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SLIK Sprint Mini Tripod

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  • SLIK Sprint Mini Tripod

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SLIK Sprint Mini Tripod

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The SLIK Sprint Mini 2 is perfect for mountain hunting. It's sturdy and stable yet super compact and easy to carry around.

With a quality ball head thats easy to adjust, it's the ideal tripod for quickly jumping between your spotting scope and camera.

Tip - Remove the centre column so you can get super low to the ground on those windy days. 

Speed Release Lock levers allow for fast set up

3-Position leg locks allow for leg openings of independent angles

Angled rubber leg tips maximize traction to flat, hard surfaces (and also allow carry on to aircraft)

Foam covered upper leg sections ease handling in extreme weather conditions

Compact ballhead with diminutive quick release plate

Detachable 2-part center column and independent leg spread allows great minimum operating height

Maximum upper leg diameter of 20mm

Maximum Height

109.0 cm

Maximum Height w/o Column Extended

88.0 cm

Minimum Height

15.0 cm

Folded Length

35.0 cm

Load Capacity

2.1 kg

Leg Sections


Leg Lock Type

Flip lever

Independent Leg Spread


Center Column Sections


Center Column Type


Center Brace


Spiked Feet


Ball Head

Head Type

Ballhead with quick release

Load Capacity

1 kg


68 mm


60 mm


130 g

Total Weight

0.780 kg


  • Fusion Camouflage
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No pixels.  No trees.  Designed exclusively for First Lite, Fusion is a proprietary mix of shapes and colors designed to obliterate the human shape. Fusion dissolves into it’s surroundings unlike anything else.  From 2 to 2000 yards, Fusion excels by removing the characteristic outlines of the hunter through a powerful set of features.  Fusion employs both macro and micro disruption as well as finely tuned distortions. These features are placed using nature-based algorithms derived from the golden ratio found throughout the natural world. Simply put, the relationship between color and shape is specifically designed to fool the brain and resemble recurring patterns found in nature.  Unique to Fusion, the signature feature of this camouflage is its “crackalature”.  Using light and dark shapes that weave throughout the pattern, the crackalature aspect further distorts the hunter’s signature shape, avoiding isoluminance (color blobbing). The powerful features of Fusion combine to ensure concealment at any distance.

This pattern was designed to be the most versatile pattern commercially available. It hides the hunter by aggressively scattering body shape signature on multiple levels, blending in to surroundings with innovative texture disruption and coloration, confusing depth perception and focus, and features a unique crackleture pattern that is at home in a wide range of environments. It excels close and far, in the trees and on the ground.


  • Large Shape Disruption (nature-based algorithms)
  • Small-Medium Texture Disruption (nature-based algorithms)
  • Disruptive Coloration (with a carefully curated pallet of nine colors)
  • Focal and Depth Confusion (both focal and peripheral vision is greatly affected)
  • Light and Dark Crackleture (further distorts the subjects overall body shape)
Another special feature of this pattern is its inherent ability to function in just about any environment AND transition between them extremely well. It was designed this way to enable and free the hunter to successfully operate in a wider variety of environments WITHOUT a change in camo.


The large shape disruption in this pattern distorts and hides the hunters' body shape by incorporating large regions of light and dark colors that work against the signature human figure.


When closer to your prey, texture based disruption is integral to hiding your shape and location. A scattering of small to medium-sized elements using the pattern’s color palette effectively blend the hunter in to their surroundings and ensure that alerted prey has a more difficult time identifying anything.


Large and small disruption supports the overall disruptive coloration found in this pattern. This advanced pattern uses a fine-tuned set of nine colors to both contrast against body outline and blend with the surroundings.


By carefully using color and algorithms based on nature, the prey’s focal vision is confused. Depth perception is affected with the use of color and the built-in sense of depth. Finally, peripheral vision of the prey is confused by the controlled contrast and disruptive coloration.


Unique to this pattern, crackleture offers yet another level of versatility and effectiveness by further distorting the hunter’s shape.

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